Group Class

Group Class
Outside doing one of my infamous sand workouts!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Congrats to Gaby, who lost 2% bodyfat and 5 inches this month.  Yay!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mix in Cardio workout (FUN!)

This is a simple workout that is meant to shake up your usual walk/jog/run in a fun way to burn more calories.  The "mix in" exercises really increase your heart rate, making this a fun way to add intensity and beat boredom with a general cardio workout.

It is meant to be done outside.
No equipment needed
Music/timer optional

You will be mixing exercises in with your walk/jog/run (whichever you choose).  You can mix in the mix ins a number of ways:
• Choose a "marker" such as telephone poles, signs, street blocks, cracks in sidewalk, etc.
perform an exercise at the start of one marker then  switch to next exercise at next marker.
• Get some good songs.  During verses of songs you will walk/jog/run.  At choruses you will do one of the three "mix up" exercises.  Choose a different exercise with each chorus.
• Be boring and just time it (haha just kidding.  Perfectly acceptable).
Try doing walk/jog/run for 1-2 min and mix ups for 30 sec.  Alternate.
• wherever you are walking/running if you come across a hill or stairs you MUST do them!  Have some fun.  Look for them!  If you are super cool you will take your route past a known stairway/bleacher lovers heaven (high school track anyone?)

Warm up with a walk/easy jog, 5 min
Walk/jog/run (your choice) and mix in the following exercises

Mix-in exercises:
Walking lunges
Side shuffle
Forward hops
Stairs/bleachers and hills (if you can find them)

Repeat for desired time (recommend 20-60 min).
walking lunges

skip (with power!)

Side Shuffle

Forward Hops

Total body circuit workout

This is a total body circuit that would be great to do outside.
Equipment needed:
A raised step, bench or stable chair (stairs, bleachers, bench, picnic table, etc)

Warm up with a walk, jog or march in place for a few minutes then
Complete the following circuit 3 times through or for about 30 min

Lunge to front kick, alternating sides, 10 each side
Lunge back with R leg then push forward with a front kick with R leg
Repeat on L side

Booty hip bridges, 16
Lie on back with feet on raised surface
Lift hips up and down, squeezing glutes each time
Shown 2 ways- both feet easier, single leg harder

Plank hops, 10 (in,out=1)
Plank with hands or forearms on raised surface
Hop feet out and in keeping body in your straight plank position, without lifting booty too much

Jumping jacks, 1 min

Step ups, 2 min
Use that raised surface to step up and down or do stair climbing/bleacher running depending on what you have available.

Pushups, feet on raised surface 10-16

Squat hops, 16
Squat reach to ground then hop up reaching to sky

Tricep dips on raised surface, 10-16
Can be done with bent legs or straight legs.

Jumping jacks, 1 min

Step ups, 2 min

Plank, feet on raised surface, 30-60 sec
With feet on bench, hold plank

Squat to side leg lift, 1 leg on raised surface, 10 each side
Stand beside bench.  Place one foot on bench and squat.  Repeat with other side.
*this is pictured with a bar but just do this with bodyweight only

Mountain climbers, forearms on raised surface, 30-60 seconds
In plank position with forearms or hands on bench, "run" knees in and out by tucking them in towards your chest.

Jumping jacks, 1 min

Step ups, 2 min

<repeat 3X or for a total time goal of 20 or more minutes>

Cool down with a nice walk or slow marching in place to bring your heart rate down.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So Stupid

I am so stupid.
So here I am all depressed that I can't fit into the majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes STILL.  Wa, wa, wa, head under my pillow pouting about being "fat", crying maybe a little bit, and trying to make myself feel better by saying "but I guess Gavin is worth it".  

All this and yet all I want to do is:
eat those GIANT grocery store muffins (aka cake) 
AND ginormous burgers.
Like I said.  Stupid.

But here's the lesson I learned.  Laughing can make a girl feel unfat pretty quick.  And also help her avoid eating said giant muffins/burgers.

I decided to quit being so depressing and tuned into Jim Gaffigan's "Obsessed" bit.  He's a comedian Thad and I like.  So I went to bed happier.  In fact in a GOOD mood, without having pigged out, which would have just led to guilt and more "I am so frumpy" thoughts.
I added this because I LOL so hard

I've learned a few things that help me get out of a workout/pig-out rut.  One of the things that sometimes works is good music.  Also, reading fitness/healthy eating articles.  And being busy with my hands works too, like crocheting or working on a home improvement project.  Hopefully you've found things that can work for you in those moments too, or at least start trying to find them.

And now I know that maybe next time I'm despairing about my body I can listen to some good comedy, get some laughs, and feel good about life again.  So until giant "muffins" and cheesy burgers help me lose weight then I have an outlet for my pouting ugly days.  And then the workouts and good eating will come because I'm not being
Yes.  Worth it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Congrats to Kim, age 39.
One month results:

Total inches lost 7.5
Loss of 3% body fat
Lost 6.15lb fat
Gained 5.15lb muscle

Fantastic job!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

D.T Improving the Gaps

Congrats to D.T who is now squating 150% of his bodyweight.  I'm proud of D because he is a classic case of someone who really dedicated himself to working out, challenging himself, and worked to improve the gaps in his workouts.  He does 30 min cardio when he used to not even want to do 5.  He's taken the challenge to incorporate new exercises and ideas with good results.  He looks fabulous and I would venture to say might be in the best shape of his life.

Acid Reflux and Sexy Underwear

Most everyone I work with wants to lose weight.  However, I like to emphasize and focus on the benefits of exercise that come along the way, some almost immediately, and some just as good as weight loss.  These benefits improve our lives and help us stay motivated.  I try to point them out to my clients and I'd like you to think about the benefits you've noticed in your fitness journey.

I was pleased to hear from a client this week a new benefit to exercise that I haven't had someone share with me yet.  She told me that she gets acid reflux often.  At the start of a session she had it pretty bad.  By the end of the workout when she got in her car she was surprised to realize it was gone.  Usually it lasts much longer.  I thought that was great.

So far the most common perks I've heard from clients include the following:
More energy
Better mood
Less stress (especially noticeable at work)
Better able to deal with stress
Better sleep
Better lab results (ex improved cholesterol, blood pressure, etc)
Reduction in medications
Improved functioning
Improved performance in sports (hockey, hunting, hiking)
Doing something they'd never been able to do before physically
Enjoying everyday activities/vacations more because of improved fitness
Less chronic pain
Less or complete recovery from physical problems (bad knees/feet/back etc)

It is important to note that some of these benefits happen within the first week of beginning a workout program.

I will never forget
the beautiful woman who told me excitedly how pleased her doctor was with her improved blood work scores.  He told her she had the health of a young woman and to keep it up.  Later after months of hard work and weight loss she also was excited about the sexy underwear she could feel good about buying and confident about wearing.

Or the lady who shared how she was able to deal with a high stress situation at work better

Or the woman who did a yoga pose that she honestly thought she could never do.

Or the man who fit into his "skinny pants" again that he tried to get rid of years ago but his wife had kept.

Or the person who told me how fun it was to ride a bike (outdoors!) with the wind in her face

Some of these people met their weight loss goals, but ALL of them experienced the perks along the way.

I personally deal with the stress of life and bouts of pretty severe depression with exercise.  It's my sanity and the only thing I really do for myself.  I hope everyone can feel a little boost in their motivation as they think of the benefits they get from regular exercise.