Group Class

Group Class
Outside doing one of my infamous sand workouts!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rockin New Year Challenge Workout

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope it is a new year full of healthy living and happiness.
This workout should feel like a party!  You need only your body and some good music.  Optional cardio equipment (treadmill, step, trampoline, etc).  This is a cardio workout with some bodyweight exercise challenges built in.  See if you can complete the challenges and start off your new year with a great sense of accomplishment!

Song 1- cardio of choice (dance, walk, cardio kickboxing, step, etc)
Song 2- challenge *squats (that's right you do squats the whole song!  Any kind can alternate- wide, narrow, squat with heels raised)

Song 3- cardio
Song 4- challenge *oil rigger pushups
Song 5- cardio

This shows the position for oil rigger pushups.  You will take turns lifting each leg, maybe after every 6-10 pushups, until the song is over.  Go as low as you can in the push-up, but don't have to touch face to floor as pictured.
Song 6- challenge *lunges (any kind of lunge you know how to do.  You can alternate between different kinds- front, reverse, lateral, alternating)

Lateral Lunges

Song 7- cardio

Song 8- challenge *butt ups

Song 9- cardio
Song 10- cool down and stretch
I recommend taking a few minutes before starting this to create a playlist of 10 songs and choosing shorter songs (about 3 min or less) for the challenge exercises.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Card Workout

Happy christmas!  Enjoy this workout on your break.  Even better--enjoy it with your friends and family!  I'm gonna go do it with my kids:)
You will need a deck of playing cards.  Shuffle them, turn on some music and get started.
You will turn over a card and do the exercise and reps for each card.  Move quickly, turning over your next card as soon as you finish an exercise and move on to the next. Go through the deck or go for time of 20+ minutes.  
Ace, Kings, Queens, Jacks are all 10 Reps.
Follow the numbers on all other cards for reps.

Ace- rest 10 seconds

King- kicks (front kicks, L R = 1 rep)

front kicks

front kicks with a reverse lunge (another option)

Queen- lunges (L R =1 rep) OR lunge jumps
lunge jumps
can also do lunges in place without the jump in the middle

Jacks- jumping jacks (of course) OR plank jacks (think jumping jacks in plank position)
Plank Jacks
"jump" feet out then back to starting position
jumping jacks

All other cards:
Clubs- crunches
ab crunches on ball
you can also do this on the floor but it's not as fun
Spades- squats OR squat jumps
squat jumps

Diamonds- downward dog pushups
in the traditional yoga downward dog position try to do a pushup
these are very challenging so it's ok if you don't go very low

Hearts- high knee runs (L R = 1 rep) OR hops if you are able to jump.
high knee run in place.  get that knee up there!
shown here are lateral hops, going from side to side.  
you can also just hop up and down in place like a bunny
9 of hearts you would do 9 high knee runs or hops
2 of clubs you would do 2 crunches.
Queen of any hand you'd do 10 lunges (on each side)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Goddess Thanksgiving Workout (if you're a guy this will still work for you!)

Happy Thanksgiving!   Here is my 2nd annual thanksgiving day workout challenge.
I'm proud of my ladies at class because they requested hard over easy.  Modify as needed.  You could easily repeat this workout.  Put high energy into it and you will get great results.  Here it goes...

I decided on a squat, lunge and pushups challenge, since those are some of the most basic effective exercises.  I refer to them as "goddess" exercises since they will make you feel and look amazing.
You're gonna need some good music.  Everything is going to be timed using songs instead of clocks.
You will do 2 exercises per song.  Alternate between the two exercises as you please, but keep it up for the whole song.

•Song 1- warm up
March in place, dance, jumping jacks, etc
•Song 2- side to side pushups and side to side squats
Start in basic push-up position.  Reach r arm to R and do a push-up.  Return to center.  Reach L arm wide and do push-up.
Squat R leg to R, squat center, squat L leg to L.
Song 3- front lunge alternating

Song 4- push-up to side plank and squat to side leg lift
Do a push-up then go to Side plank on R side.  Push-up and side plank on L side.  Repeat.
Do a squat then R side leg lift.  Repeat on L side

•Song 5- reverse lunge with kick alternating legs

•Song 6- hopping pushups narrow to wide and hopping squats narrow to wide
 hop it to a wide squat

now go back and forth between the two with a hop in between each.

do a regular style pushup then "HOP" your arms out to a narrow pushup.  "HOP" arms back to regular pushup.  Can do on knees or toes.

•Song 7- crossover lunge and lateral lunge with leg lift

•Song 8- cool down.  March in place, dance, whatever, just get heart rate down and breath slowed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Strong (and fit) Alaskan Woman!

I just got the awesomest text from a sweet girl who's been working with me.  She reports that she went caribou hunting with her husband and SHE dragged the caribou down the mountain!  Her hubby was impressed (and relieved).  Haha!  So great I love it!
She credits her improved fitness with enabling her to hike through the deep snow and carry out the animal.
Wow!  Awesome work Gaby.  Yet more proof that exercise is more than just losing weight.  It improves our lives and provides opportunities for us.
Hunting is a way of life for us in Alaska.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pushups in sets strong and on the toes.
Despite my doubts, sadness and frustration after baby #4.  It's possible to get back your fitness and body after baby.  Woohoo

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back to Basics Core Workout

Here is one of my favorite go-to exercises when the focus is weight lifting basics and core work.  Doing exercises on the ball engages your core muscles.  You will work each muscle group in your body.

Start with a 5 min warm-up (march in place, walk, etc)
Complete 1 set of each of the following exercises then repeat.
Aim for 3 sets of 10-12 reps.  Use a weight that is challenging by the last few reps of each set.
For a HIIT interval circuit style workout that includes cardio do 30-60 seconds of jump rope, step ups, running on treadmill, or jumping jacks between each exercise.

Wide DB Squat
toes point same direction as knees
torso stays upright
stick that bootie out and back!

DB bicep curls on ball
tall, strong posture

ab crunch on ball
keep hips up
feet wide= easier
feet closer together= more challenging

tricep extensions on ball
keep hips up

DB overhead press on ball
strong core, tall posture

Chest Press on ball
squeeze those pecs!

Leg curls on ball
if the ball is rolling all over the place the problem is from the core
center yourself, breathe

front lunges
do all on R side then all on L side

Bent over DB row
no hunched, rounded back
stick out chest and bootie, keep those shoulder blades down and back

basic plank
hold 20-60 seconds

Friday, August 22, 2014

Congrats to Gaby, who lost 2% bodyfat and 5 inches this month.  Yay!