Group Class

Group Class
Outside doing one of my infamous sand workouts!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

D.T Improving the Gaps

Congrats to D.T who is now squating 150% of his bodyweight.  I'm proud of D because he is a classic case of someone who really dedicated himself to working out, challenging himself, and worked to improve the gaps in his workouts.  He does 30 min cardio when he used to not even want to do 5.  He's taken the challenge to incorporate new exercises and ideas with good results.  He looks fabulous and I would venture to say might be in the best shape of his life.

Acid Reflux and Sexy Underwear

Most everyone I work with wants to lose weight.  However, I like to emphasize and focus on the benefits of exercise that come along the way, some almost immediately, and some just as good as weight loss.  These benefits improve our lives and help us stay motivated.  I try to point them out to my clients and I'd like you to think about the benefits you've noticed in your fitness journey.

I was pleased to hear from a client this week a new benefit to exercise that I haven't had someone share with me yet.  She told me that she gets acid reflux often.  At the start of a session she had it pretty bad.  By the end of the workout when she got in her car she was surprised to realize it was gone.  Usually it lasts much longer.  I thought that was great.

So far the most common perks I've heard from clients include the following:
More energy
Better mood
Less stress (especially noticeable at work)
Better able to deal with stress
Better sleep
Better lab results (ex improved cholesterol, blood pressure, etc)
Reduction in medications
Improved functioning
Improved performance in sports (hockey, hunting, hiking)
Doing something they'd never been able to do before physically
Enjoying everyday activities/vacations more because of improved fitness
Less chronic pain
Less or complete recovery from physical problems (bad knees/feet/back etc)

It is important to note that some of these benefits happen within the first week of beginning a workout program.

I will never forget
the beautiful woman who told me excitedly how pleased her doctor was with her improved blood work scores.  He told her she had the health of a young woman and to keep it up.  Later after months of hard work and weight loss she also was excited about the sexy underwear she could feel good about buying and confident about wearing.

Or the lady who shared how she was able to deal with a high stress situation at work better

Or the woman who did a yoga pose that she honestly thought she could never do.

Or the man who fit into his "skinny pants" again that he tried to get rid of years ago but his wife had kept.

Or the person who told me how fun it was to ride a bike (outdoors!) with the wind in her face

Some of these people met their weight loss goals, but ALL of them experienced the perks along the way.

I personally deal with the stress of life and bouts of pretty severe depression with exercise.  It's my sanity and the only thing I really do for myself.  I hope everyone can feel a little boost in their motivation as they think of the benefits they get from regular exercise.

Heart Walk

Congratulations to Wilma Yarnal who completed the 2.5 mile American Heart walk today!  She had decided on the heart walk as her goal and worked hard for one month to get to this point.  Wilma is proud of her accomplishment, as she should be.  Anyone who knows Wilma understands that this journey has been much more than walking 2.5 miles.
Awesome job and I'm excited to see where the walk of life takes you!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Results for the 
Congrats and awesome job to everyone who participated.
I think I will do this again for a better time.  How about you?

A special congrats to Laurie Struthers, who logged the fastest time!
Of 22 min.

Beth Curtis 29:40
L.S 22 min *fastest time 
H.P 42.41
D.T 25:44
T.B 29:07

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hi everyone!  Happy thanksgiving!

I am grateful for all of my friends, family, and for you wonderful people who trust me to be part of your healthy lifestyle.

I put together a thanksgiving challenge body weight workout.  
Complete it and be recognized on my blog.
I'll also recognize the fastest time.
Deadline is this Sunday by midnight.
Have fun!

Yes- you will do 1000 exercises:)
You can break the repetitions up or try to do all 100 at once.  I recommend some great music.  You will also need a timer.  I like my phone clock "stopwatch" setting for this.

Use GOOD FORM and text/reply with your time!  Winners and participants get recognition on my client success blog and winner gets a bonus workout (just what you wanted, right).

**Begin with a 5 min warm up.  walk, march/jog in place, etc

Ok time to start your timer...
1) 100 squats, feet hip width apart

No half squats.  Thighs go parallel to ground!

2) 100 alternating back lunges (50 each side)

3) 100 second plank hold

Boooring... Hope you have a good song.

4) Push-ups- 100 total
Yes!  Push-ups!  Nothing will make you stronger.
(you can break these up and do a set or two between each of the other exercises)
-regular push-ups, 10

(Jk.  I like this kid!  You know what a regular push-up is by now)
-push-ups feet on chair/bench/ball, 10

- oil rigger push-ups, 10 each leg (20)

(Lift one leg and do 10 push-ups.  Switch sides)
-cobra push-ups, 10

(Arms are close to body and will slide along ribcage)
-push-ups arms on chair/bench/ball, 10

-plank walk  push-ups, 10 each 
direction (20)

(In plank position with hands on floor instead of forearms, plank, do 1 push-up, then walk hands to the right continuing to hold plank and do another push-up.  Repeat for 10 then switch directions)
-T push-ups, 5 each side (10)

(Do a push-up then twist to side plank for a short hold.  Repeat)
-regular push-ups again, 10

(I posted the baby because by now even 10 regular push-ups might have you feeling like a big crybaby)

Ok you hate me.  Just be glad it was only 100 and I was nice.  I left out the really hard ones.  Oh I love push-ups!!!

5) 100 second reverse plank hold

Position A is what I want
Position B (adding alternating leg lifts) is for those of us who will be eating more than one piece of pie...

6) 100 calf raises
-25 each direction toes point 
middle, in, out, middle

The burn is good.  Keep going!

7) wide stance squats

8) 100 crunches on floor or ball

Bonus points for on the ball if you have one...

9) 100 jumping jacks
C'mon, finish strong.  No wimpy jacks!  I want full energy-I am shouting in your face military jumping jacks!

10) you made it!
100 lunge to front kick 
(alternate sides or do 50 on one side and switch)

I like to refer to the lunge as the god/goddess of exercises. So repeat this mantra in your head while finishing strong, "these lunges will shape me like a god/goddess".  I want you to feel like one at the end of this workout.  Kind of hard to do while counting.

Ok you did it!  What was your time!
You better have beat me.  I'm almost 6 months pregnant.  I'm proud of you for choosing to do a hard workout.  Thad says his workout today will be lifting his fork to his mouth.  You sure beat that!

Happy thanksgiving!  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walking Nerd


I am a nerd.  I just picked up a copy of my monthly personal training fitness journal and about jumped up and down when I saw the cover.  Absolute the best magazine cover ever.  What is it about this cover that made me write the CEO thanking him, something I have never in my life felt the need to do...
I'm in love.  Do you see the MAN on this cover?  Young, athletic, attractive, MALE.  But, no, I don't have a magazine crush on some model.  What I love is that they featured on the cover "Walking With A Purpose" a young MAN, obviously speed walking for fitness, arms pumping and all.  They could have put a middle aged woman or an elderly couple on the cover, what they always do.  The people who are the stereotypical, expected walkers.  But instead they chose a fit MALE.  It's great!   It's totally liberating.

Read on...

How many times have you passed an extremely out of shape, obese or very overweight man attempting to jog when obviously it is beyond his ability.  We all applaud his effort.  (Well, I hope you do instead of snickering to yourself).  But deep down inside we know he will give up, quit, or hurt himself.  I want to stop my car, jump out, and cry "WALK for heaven's sake!  It's Ok!".

Or the younger guy, no dog to hide behind, decently fit, walking alone on the bike path.  He's obviously trying to hide the fact that he's trying to WALK for fitness instead of running.  Apologizing in his demeanor for "just walking".  When anyone passes him he pretends to be looking for something on his phone.  iIt's pathetic.  Just walk and own it.

We live in a culture that degrades "simpler exercises" like "just walking", especially for men of all ages.  We expect them to be running, accomplishing a hard-core mountain hike, or doing some other kind of crazy hard exercise or they're just wimpy men who don't know how to get in shape.  What a lie.  Women aren't immune either.  I see them strapping on the ankle weights and walking with the dumbbells.  Refusing to swing their arms like the beautiful, wonderful man in this picture so nicely illustrates.

Here's what I feel like yelling out my window every time I pass these sadly misinformed people who really are trying (literally, I have to use all my self control to keep driving).
Call it the personal trainer's version of a cat-call.

You burn more calories, strengthen your important posture muscles, and improve form while avoiding injury by simply walking.  Arms bent at 90 degree angle, no weights.   FAST.  LIKE A DORK.  LIKE ME.  No apologies.

I have had 3 kids and am working on the 4th.  I've gone through weight gain swings and I know what it's like to be 50 pounds overweight.  Yes.  Me.  Believe it.  You know how I lost all that weight?  Walking.  I am in no way degrading other forms of exercise, but today it's about that basic of all exercises, walking.

One day I was out on my normal walk.  I was a bit neurotic I will admit.  Going into my speed walking zone.  I had 1 or 2 of my babies in the jogger stroller.  Can't remember.  Anyways, a young male in a hoodie approached me.  I always get a bit wary when strange men approach me on the street.  Anyways I gave him my "don't mess with me look" and got a good lesson in humility when he gave me a big grin and said, "Lady.  You walk FAST!".  It was maybe the best fitness compliment I've ever gotten.  I broke down and smiled, then whizzed past him, cause hey, I was timing my fast mile walking speed.  Actually I think I walked faster after that.

So the next time you pass that guy trying to walk, give him a break and a smile.  The next time your really overweight/inactive male friend/relative mentions he thinks he needs to start working out do me a favor.  Look at him and say, "Dude.  Just walk.  I'll go with you".
And then go out there with arms pumping like the two cool nerds you are.

The end.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Congratulations to Tricia, who lost 6.5 inches and 1% body fat!